February 1, 2020 update:

Because of the current End of the Road Tour, the window for certain guests is limited. We really want Eric, Tommy, Bruce and Ace as our main guests and  and we will do our best to bring it all together when everything lines up – this hopefully will happen this summer 2020 or maybe as late as fall 2020.

All the information available is listed HERE on this website. There is no other info other than what is listed.

Looking forward to seeing you all later this year – It will be another three-day event and we have plans to make it bigger and better than even last year…you will be AMAZED at what we are planning!





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December 7,8 and 9
Hilton Parsippany – 
1 Hilton Ct, Parsippany, NJ 07054

Promoters Peter Arquette and Keith Leroux, of the respective New Jersey and Indianapolis KISS Expos, bring you the New Jersey KISS Expo and Christmas Party 2018! After the incredible success of the recent two-day Indianapolis KISS Expo Event, this expanded formula is now being moved to New Jersey! Three days means three times the amount of Guests, dealers, parties and fans! Included will be a spectacular KISS Christmas party with Ace Frehley and friends that you WILL NOT WANT TO MISS.

Ace to perform his ENTIRE 1978 solo album LIVE!

Our MAIN EVENT! For the first time ever, Ace Frehley will perform his classic KISS Solo album at the NJ KISS Expo 2018! In between, Ace will tell stories about each song – the meaning and creation of each piece. Ace is also available for Autographs and Photos  – check out the schedule link at the top of the page.

Edward Furlong and Jimmy DeBello

Edward Furlong played Hawk in the KISS movie Detroit Rock City and is also known for American X, Pecker and as John Connor in Terminator 2.
Jimmy DeBello played Trip in Detroit Rock City and is also known for Cabin Fever and Scary Movie 2.
We have worked out a special arrangement to have your picture taken with both IN CHARACTER and IN COSTUME from the movie Detroit Rock City – hell yeah!

Gene Simmons Vault Raffle

Keith Valcourt, director of the Gene Simmons Vault, has given us permission to raffle off an entire Gene Simmons Vault! Raffle tickets will be $5 each and the profits all go to charity. Keith will also have the Gene Simmons Vault on display Saturday and Sunday and will answer any questions. Vault is complete, signed by Gene Simmons, but does not include meeting Gene. Yes, you need to be present win, but it will before Ace goes on, so everyone should be there.

Lita Ford

Originally of the legendary band The Runaways, Lita now tours as lead singer and guitarist with her own band. Lita’s appearance at the recent Indianapolis KISS Expo turned out to be an amazing success and we are thrilled to have her in New Jersey! Lita will be available for autographs and photos.

Jay Jay French and Eddie Ojeda

The two guitarists from the one and only Twisted Sister. Jay Jay French is known to us KISS fans for auditioning for an early version of the 1972 band Wicked Lester with Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons. The two will only be making a Saturday appearance, so stop by then at their booth for autographs and photos.

Craig Gass

Craig is infamous for his dead-on voice impersonations of Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, which he originally did on the Howard Stern Show. Craig has also been on Family Guy, King of Queens and Sex in the City. Craig has also entertained on the KISS Kruise. A KISS fan himself, Craig will be bringing to the NJ KISS Expo some wickedly funny humor that only us KISS fans will fully appreciate.

Punky Meadows and Frank Dimino

Punky and Frank are from the ’70s band Angel – a band discovered by Gene Simmons and signed to the same label as KISS, Casablanca. Angel was purposely dressed in white to contrast the black KISS costumes. The band has a MASSIVE cult following and we are honored to have them appear at our event!

With them, will be the rhythm guitarist of the band, Danny Farrow. Coincidentally, Danny is also the official sculptor and creator of many of the recent KISS figures you have in your collection – quite a multi-talented individual. Come by and see his KISS Creations at his booth.

Jean Beauvoir

Originally of the legendary Plasmatics, Jean also co-wrote the KISS songs Who Wants to be Lonely, Thrills in the Night and Uh All Night with Paul Stanley. Jean and Paul also co-wrote songs for his own band Crown of Thorns and Voodoo X. And, he also played bass on the KISS ANIMALIZE and ASYLUM albums – Jean is indeed a big part of the KISS family.

Bobby Rock

Best known to us KISS fans as the drummer for the Vinnie Vincent Invasion, Bobby has also played with Nelson, Bob Kulick, Nitro and is currently drummer for Lita Ford. Bring your Vinnie Vincent Invasion albums to get signed at his booth.


Lydia Criss

Always the sweetheart of any KISS Expo, Lydia, the ex-wife of original KISS drummer Peter Criss, consistently has the most amazing stories to tell of her time spent with KISS at the top of their career in the ’70s. Lydia is very fun, friendly and approachable – definitely make it a priority to stop by and chat with her.

The Ace Frehley Band

Formerly known as the Gene Simmons Band, that supported Gene on his recent solo tour, they are now Ace Frehley’s official touring band and they of course will be there for Ace’s ’78 Solo Album performance on Sunday. Plus, they will be playing a set Saturday afternoon of cover tunes. Some of the most amazing musicians you could hope to hear play.

Vinny Appice

Brother of drummer Carmine Appice, Vinny is a legend all his own playing with the likes of Dio, Black Sabbath and Heaven & Hell. Dig up those classic albums and get them signed at Vinny’s booth!




Ken Kelly is a well-known artist and known especially to us KISS fans for his KISS and Ace Frehley album cover paintings. He’s also done covers for Manowar, Rainbow as well as extensive work in the fantasy art genre. Ken will have paintings for sale and display.

Tim Sullivan (CANCELLED)

CANCELLED DUE TO ILLNES. We wish Tim the best.

Movie Director Tim Sullivan was the producer for our 2nd favorite movie of all time – Detroit Rock City.

Mark Montague

Bassist and co-songwriter for Peter Criss on the Criss album. Also the author of the popular book Let the Cat Out of the Bag, detailing his musical journey that let him to join forces with original KISS drummer Peter Criss. The good and the bad of his experience but not a ‘dirty laundry’ tell-all book. His book will be available at his booth to be signed.

Robert Conte

ROBERT V. CONTE has dedicated most of his professional life to KISS.Beginning with the historic ROCK ’N ROLL COMICS #9 published in 1989, Robert then went on to become the first-ever official KISS Catalog Consultant—an essential role in repackaging and remastering 22 KISS: THE REMASTERS albums and compiling “You Wanted The Best, You Got The Best” and “Greatest KISS.”Robert then went on to package and publish official KISS books and other merchandise under his company, Studio Chikara.Now Robert is writing his memoir about those awesome days working with the band for his forthcoming book, “My KISS Story,” slated for 2019 release.www.studiochikara.com

Kevin Shinick

KEVIN SHINICK is the Emmy Award-winning writer behind SCOOBY-DOO and KISS: ROCK AND ROLL MYSTERY. Best known for his work on Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken and for creating Cartoon Network’s animated series, MAD, Kevin has earned a veritable pop culture pedigree by working alongside George Lucas (Star Wars: Detours), directing Stan Lee (Marvel’s Spider-Man), helping Mike Tyson solve some mysteries (The Mike Tyson Mysteries) and writing comic books for both Marvel (Avenging Spider-Man) and DC Comics (Joker’s Asylum 2). Visit www.KevinShinick.com

Vinny Gonzales

Who is the greatest KISS fan of all time? It’s hard to put a title on that to any one person, but asked this question Vinnie Gonzalez. A native New Yorker, Vinny grew up around KISS and was befriended by the band way back in their ’70s heyday. This gave him access to the band that no other fan had and the stories he will tell will be phenomenal! Don’t miss his speaking panel, check the schedule for times.

Karl Cochran

Best known to us KISS Fans as the bassist for Ace Frehely, Karl toured with Ace as well as co-written many songs, including Into The Void from Psycho Circus. As a highly accomplished guitarist, bassist, songwriter, producer and engineer, Karl has collaborated, toured, recorded and worked with many of the world’s most talented and well-known musicians. He has worked alongside such musical greats as Joe Lynn Turner (Deep Purple, Rainbow) Corky Lang (Mountain), Felix Pappalardi (Cream), jazz great Ricky Sebastian, Eric Singer (Black Sabbath, Brian May of Queen), Bob Daisley (Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Ozzy Osborne) Matt Abbs (Government Mule), legendary engineer Dave Whitman, and many more.