KISS Costume Contest

Peter Criss has agreed to be the celebrity judge at the KISS Costume Contest at the New Jersey KISS Expo this year!

Every KISS fan has done it at one time or another - dressed up to emulate their long-time heroes....and how much cooler would it be to have one of your heroes, a founding member of the band KISS, be on stage with you as you vie for the title of Best KISS Costume? Well, you can have a once in a life-time opportunity to make this dream come true September 8th at the New Jersey KISS Expo! 

Make sure you get your costumes ready to be onstage with the Catman! Categories will be Adult Male, Adult Female and Child. YOU MUST FOLLOW THE RULES BELOW:

- Must have a COMPLETE costume. Must include boots or boot covers.
- Face must be painted with make-up. No removable masks.
- Costume can be home-made or store-bought.
- Hair can be a wig or your natural hair

- There of course are no rules for kids, but make sure your little KISSer is dressed up nice and has a chance to win the grand prize. 
- All kids participating in the contest will get a prize.

- Adult Male grand prize - $100 gift box of KISS Him cologne and body products.
- Adult Female grand prize - $100 gift box of KISS her perfume and body products.

Registration and exact time will be announced at the day of the Expo. We do not have an exact time-table but the contest will happen in the late afternoon.

*We reserve the right to change any of the rules or prizes at any time. We have the right to refuse anyone participation for a inappropriate costume, or for any reason we deem necessary. We reserve the right to limit the size of the contest. 
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