Peter Criss VIP Package

One-on-One With the Catman VIP Package to meet Peter Criss - $275

Important notes on Peter Criss appearance

This will be one of your last chances to meet the Catman – sources tell us Peter has decided to retire from signing and attending autograph events by next year. THAT'S IT - IF YOU WANT A PETER CRISS SIGNATURE, YOU HAVE TO ACT NOW!!! YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET ONE IN THE FUTURE.

To give the fans one last hurrah, Peter will be providing special “One-on-One With the Catman” meet and greet packages with the opportunity to meet Peter in an intimate, face-to-face environment where you can have your items signed and speak to him personally in a private room for several minutes - away from the crowds and lines outside. Tell Peter what being a KISS fan has meant to your life; ask Peter that one question you've always wanted to, or whatever you like - there has never been an opportunity presented like this before!


To answer the common questions, they are listed below:

- Peter Criss will be making an appearance on stage for ALL ticket holders of the NJ KISS Expo on September 8th. You don't have to buy the VIP Package to see Peter, he will be making stage appearances in the main hall for all to see.

- Because of time constraints, only 200 "One-on-One With the Catman" VIP Packages will be available. This personal meet-and-greet signing and photo event will take all day, close to 10 hours, and there is no time for an added autograph session beyond the 200 VIP packages being offered. The only autographs given will be at this meet-and-greet event. 

- The "One-on-One With the Catman" experience is a VIP package - it is NOT an admission ticket. You must buy one of the regular tickets for admission.

- Strictly limited to only 200 VIP packages. We expect them to sell out before the show. After they are sold, no more will be added. It will take the entire day, over 10 hours, for Peter to personally meet all 200 people.

- There will be no long line. Each VIP pass will be individually numbered and the lower numbers will go first. The lower numbers are sold to the first buyers so if you want a low number, order now.

- You will be sent an email confirmation before the event with updated info on how and when to pick up your Peter Criss One-on-One With the Catman VIP Package. 

Buy your One-on-One With the Catman VIP package here:

One-on-One With the Catman VIP Package to meet Peter Criss - $275

One-on-One With the Catman package includes:
- Personal meeting in a private room with Peter
- Two autographs on any personal merchandise you bring with you.
- Photo of you and Peter taken with your own camera. You must bring your own camera.
- Exclusive event men's-sized T-Shirt

Package only includes what is shown above, nothing else. 

Only one person per VIP Package. It is a "one-on-one" experience. Couples can come in together, but they must buy two VIP Packages.

Only two autographs. You are not able to pay for extras because of time constraints. 

You must buy a regular ticket to the NJ KISS Expo as well. The One-on-One With the Catman is a VIP Package, not an admission ticket. 

No other favors or demands are accepted from VIP package holders, only what is shown above.

Limited to only 200 VIP Packages. Must buy in advance. They are expected to sell out well before the Expo. 
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